Multidisciplinary Case Review

Following the child’s interview, LifeHouse personnel meet with the investigation team, including child protection workers, law enforcement officers, medical personnel, mental health professionals and prosecution to plan investigation strategies. Our case tracking system allows LifeHouse to follow the progress of each case through the child protection and criminal justice systems. The coordination of these services significantly reduces the child’s trauma, enhances the quality of the investigation, and improves prosecution and conviction rates of child abuse cases.

Education & Training

LifeHouse staff coordinate and conduct training for law enforcement, child welfare staff, prosecutors, mental health, and medical providers on specialized issues related to child abuse investigations, assessment, and the children’s advocacy center model.

Protecting Your Children: Advice from Child Molester’s 

Sex offenders work just as hard to deceive adults as they do to seduce and silence their child victims.  Their tactics work so well that fewer than 5% are reported and successfully prosecuted.  As adults, we must do better.  Child safety is our responsibility, not a burden child should shoulder by themselves.  We need to prepare children by talking to them about sexual abuse and offender behavior.

LifeHouse has a powerful prevention program for adults, Protecting Your Children: Advice from Child Molester’s.  This program is for adults only and includes topics such as child abuse statistics, how offenders become offenders, grooming tactis used on children AND adults, prevention and community education.

LifeHouse staff, along with a law enforcement officer, present the program throughout the community to parents, caregivers and professional groups.

By taking the time to learn about sex offenders and effective prevention strategies, you will be joining a growing number of adults who are becoming better educated about child sexual abuse and the ways in which we can stop this crime.