For Parents

  • Be open and talk with your child about internet safety. Explain to your child about the dangers of going online: sexual predators, stalking, identity theft, bullying, etc. Teach them how to protect themselves.
  •  Screen time should be in an open area. It’s much easier to check up on your child when the computer, tablet or phone is where you can see it. This will reduce the chances that your child does or sees something they shouldn’t online.
  •  Use tools such as parental controls, monitoring software, and content blocking. Internet tools will keep your child from entering sites they shouldn’t access.
  •  Spend time with your child online. Together, you can find appropriate sites. Adding them to “Favorites” will save the site for instant access.
  •  Take the time to learn.  The more you know about the internet, the more you’re aware of what’s out there and how to protect your child.
  •  Say no to sites like Facebook and Instagram. Or, if you allow them, request your child’s password so you can better ensure their safety. Predators fake their identity and age to persuade children to trust them enough to meet with them in person.

Online Safety Rules for Children and Teens

  • Never give out your personal information; full name, address, phone number, school, or password. People who want to hurt kids can use this information to find you or use your password against you.
  • Never agree to meet someone you meet online. Predators give out false information about their age, to trick you into meeting them.
  • Tell your parents or an adult right away if someone makes you feel uncomfortable online. DO NOT reply to their messages. Inform your parents so they can contact the service provider.
  • Don’t do anything that can harm or upset others or is against the law.

***The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a FANTASTIC resource at for Parents, Caregivers, Family Members, Teachers, Community Members or anyone! There are also links for little kids, big kids, teens, etc.  Please check it out!  You can never have to much information about keeping your kids safe!