LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center helps child victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse & child witnesses to other violent crimes in Shawnee and surrounding counties. We bring together the professionals from law enforcement, child protection services, mental health, medical, prosecution, and victim advocacy to investigate allegations of child abuse as part of our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT). This approach is best practice and trauma-informed. The ultimate goal from our MDT is to reduce the child’s trauma by preventing multiple interviews. LifeHouse is a nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center that has been serving child victims of crime since 1999.

LifeHouse forensic interviewers attend an initial 40-hour, specialized training course. The forensic interviewers and advocates participate in continuous education in interviewing and child welfare. LifeHouse has two child-friendly interview rooms that allows team members to observe interviews and communicate with the interviewer. Our advocates are available throughout the investigation and prosecution process. LifeHouse advocates provide client education regarding the investigation, the prosecution, crime victim services and other community resources.

The child is the primary concern of LifeHouse. We provide a safe place for child victims to talk about their abuse. Through support, referrals, and education, LifeHouse helps navigate an otherwise miserable path for child victims and their families into one of healing and justice.

Our partners

Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office

Topeka Police Department

Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office

Department for Children and Families

Stormont Vail SANE/SART

Jackson County Attorney

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Mental Health Providers in Shawnee County and surrounding counties


LifeHouse Staff

Kelly Durkin, Executive Director

Lynette Cimino, Program Director / Forensic Interviewer

Rachel Lynn, Forensic Interviewer / Family Advocate

McKynley Larson, Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator

Lauren Stous, Forensic Interviewer/Family Advocate


Board of Directors


Mark Robinson, President

Andrew Lindeman, President Elect

Michael Bush, Treasurer

Julie Clanton, Secretary

Lou Allen, Immediate Past President

Board Members

Tanyea Arévalo Bingham

Shawn Broxterman

Barb Dominguez

Leslie Carr

Lisa Fulbright

Jesse Gosney




Other Kansas Child Advocacy Centers

Each CAC in Kansas shares the mission of providing a child appropriate and child-friendly facility for child abuse investigations and intervention.

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